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thetruthfairie asked: Hey Cassidy, I was wondering if you were still a twilight fan? I saw some of your earlier reviews of the twilight series on youtube. But after spending time on tumblr, which is very anti-twilight for legitimate reasons, has your viewpoint changed? I used to like twilight but after some time on tumblr realised it was a problematic series.


the vibe I’m getting from this q is “tell me you hate twilight now because that is the correct answer”
unfortunately for you, it is not my answer.

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thechandeliersky asked: Favourite female and male disney characters?


Female: Belle, Tiana, Captain Amelia, Queen Elinor, Kida, Lilo, Mary Poppins, Mulan…
Male: Mufasa, Kristoff (love Kristoff ok), Naveen, Prince Phillip, Eugene…

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theunclosetednerd asked: Please don't tell me that you watch Psych. Because if that is the case... you and I have to be best friends right now. RIGHT. NOW.


that position is currently filled but you can always submit an application.

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haythamkenwagron asked: SO I FINISHED MISTBORN ANd I'm on some kind of high right now what do I read next


Oh gosh did you cry? I cried.


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gladlyhufflepuff1106 asked: Hiiii, wonderful person. Will you be doing prenano again this year? :)


Hmmm. I actually haven’t thought about it. Maybe? It really depends on my work/school schedule.

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demi-chaos asked: I am so happy for you


thank you I am happy for me too but I don’t know what we’re talking about

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coconutserendipity asked: You've probably already seen The Maze Runner, but wasn't it fantastic!!!? The tone, from the very beginning, was mind-blowing! Also, should I just ask a guy to homecoming? I've had a bit of a crush on him but he's not the type to ask anyone.


Dude, LOVED Maze Runner. My movie reaction will be up tomorrow! And sure? Homecoming is fun. Worst thing he can do is say no.

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haythamkenwagron asked: So you got me hooked on Mistborn. And not just a little, no, I finished 2 books in three days and am already almost halfway through the third. My teachers hate me, but I have no regrets. Thanks a bunch ^^


You’re so welcome man

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books-and-cats-and-cakes asked: Are you also on Pinterest?


I had one long ago but I don’t remember the name and now I just float around

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skylarscribbles asked: Can just say THANK YOU for introducing me to Brandon Sanderson?? I don't know how I've lived my 15 years of life without reading anything from him! I'm almost done with the first Mistborn book and DIDDLY DAMN IT'S GOT ME FEELING STUFF. so yes, many many thanks.


Oh gosh you have no idea I’m reading Way of Kings and I am in so deep

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