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qmembers asked: Are you and your husband going to see Captain America: Winter Soldier?


We both work until midnight every day except Sundays and Mondays. Soooo…we’re tryin.

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wolvesgomoomoo asked: So, how's married life so far?


it’s very married
very matrimony
such husband and wife 

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nocturnalinstinctsblogs asked: Hey Cassidy, after you get settled into your new life (lovely wedding pictures by the way) do you have a line up of new books or book to movie adaptations to review?


Oh man, do I gotta line for you. Mostly it’s just school is tough right now. I have the summer off though so yippeeeee!

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stilessmiles24 asked: In your last video you mentioned you work full time, I was just wondering what type of job you have? I'm looking for a job, so I was just looking for ideas. P.s. your a cool cat cass.


I work at a call center, do some leasing stuff. 

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leaveittovaldez asked: Where did Jordan get his Legend of Zelda hat??


(shhhh it’s actually Skyler’s and he borrowed it)

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very-fangirl asked: Favorite song right now? :3



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very-fangirl asked: Love your new haircut!



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cityofobsessed asked: I love your new hair, although I loved your old hair too and your lipstick is badass. Weird reactions to your video though! You've got married blahblah, but you're still the same person and people shouldn't care cause you're still awesome and I'VE LOVED YOUR CHANNEL FOR SO LONG NOW AND I WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT, so carry on being who you are obviously:3


Thanks! Will do.

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ethan-lawson-wate asked: your dark makeup in your new video makes you look like a fierce warrior woman in a post-apocalyptic world where the system is corrupt and you defeat them and then marry your male counterpart (this being jordan obvs)


Thanks. Love the red lipstick, makes me feel like a queen.

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kenzie-emery asked: Now that it's been about a month, what do you think about being married? Do you love it, or do you super-love it?


super-duper-love it
It’s like “welp best friend in the whole wide world it’s night time soooo time for you to go home

oh wait no

we share a bed and a cat now”

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